OK, well, it started, I guess in Brazil.  I (Toby), worked in Brazil at the British School Rio de Janeiro from 2000 to 2003.  To cut a lengthy story short, I ended up living in Dublin and found myself trying to sell a few pouffes at a small market in Temple Bar.  I sold a couple and soon moved to a an indoor pitch at Blackrock Market, which runs from on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

It was the time of the Celtic Tiger and there were more Mercedes driving around south Dublin than in Munich (so they said) so I sold quite a few quality beanbags back there in my Blackrock Market days.  I was helped a great deal by Johnny Adams who had a pitch opposite me selling second hand guitars.  Mainly he helped pass the time and hold bags of filling.  I consider Johnny a founding member of planet-craft (he may beg to differ!).

So, during the two years at Blackrock Market I also began a website, planet-craft.com and actually generated sales in the UK.  I think my first sale was to a lady on North Wales, for a chocolate Queen beanbag.  Back then I found a firm in Worcester who were willing to send out beanbag filling to my customers and then I persuaded them to store my beanbag covers until there was a sale and send them out full.



Our blog begins

What is all this? Is that dog real?

This is the start of our blog. We’ll tell you our story, from the beginning of planet-craft, to the present.
We aim for our blog to provide not just a narrative but also a forum for interaction. Who knows? Maybe the future of planet-craft can be shaped in part by this blog!